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A collection of all national flags and anthems of the earth is offered here. Many countries contain a variety of local flags. Furthermore there are special pages with enlarged details of certain flags. INDEX_EN.HTM>

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Last changes: May 2016


Javascript must be enabled for some important features and even the display of some pages.

These pages have been tested with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows XP/7, Though I worked hard to obatin an equivalent look on both browsers, sometimes things don't work the same way on different browsers, or they don't work at all. I couldn't test more browsers, it's just too much work for one person alone - sorry!

It's recommended to put the memory-cache value up to at least 1 Mb to minimize reloading. Another convenient means is to open a new browser window. Furthermore, a download package is available!

If you like these pages I'd appreciate comments, advice and hints. Especially I would like to include more local anthems than now.

A word on my motivation: these pages are NOT made to promote nationalistic thoughts. I was fascinated by the diversity of the flags' design. Sometimes the mental background beyond shines through, which is often amusing, yet gruesome occasionally.


The 2016 updates brought some major improvements. Political changes have been included as well as many updates on flags and maps. On first glance not much might have been changed, but e.g. the flagfinder has virtually been newly contructed, switching languages in the detail-pages now works including a simple navigation with keys: Home, End, arrow-keys, Esc and Back. Anthems don't have to be MIDIs, MP3- and WMA- audiofiles can also be played. With Firefox, playing audio often ceased to work; now the assigned audio-application is called; works with IE, too - hope this is more stable now.